Claim Your Cash: $7.9M in Unclaimed State Income Tax Refunds in Louisiana

Don't miss out your money: You might be entitled to a share of the $7.9 million in unclaimed tax refunds. 

The Louisiana Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Program has a captivating surprise for thousands of taxpayers expecting for some fresh cash to fall in their hands. A staggering $7.9 million in unclaimed state income tax rebates, courtesy of the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR), has just been added to the treasure chest. These funds are ripe and ready for the claiming right now.

Year after year, the Louisiana Unclaimed Property Program receives a generous contribution from LDR, stemming from unclaimed state tax refunds. This time around, the allocation consists of an overwhelming 26,273 unclaimed Louisiana tax refunds. It’s an incredible opportunity for those who might have inadvertently lost track of their tax refunds.

How to Claim Your Tax Refunds in Louisiana Now

This $7.9 million belongs to the people of Louisiana, and we are eager to assist them in claiming what is rightfully theirs,” said State Treasurer John M. Schroder. “We make claiming your money easy. The State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property Program maintains a steadfast dedication to the protection and restoration of unclaimed assets to their rightful owners.”

Louisiana’s LDR invite citizens to explore whether their state income tax refunds are part of this unclaimed property. You are encouraged to visit, or contact us at 888-925-4127 to conduct a search using your name and initiate a claim. You can also check online at your smartphone using the LaWallet app.

What Are Unclaimed Property Laws?

Unclaimed property laws had their origins in the United States as a noble initiative aimed at safeguarding consumers, and their scope has expanded over time to provide protection not only to the property owners but also to their descendants and estates. When property falls under the care of the state’s unclaimed property program, a proactive and determined outreach campaign is set in motion. This effort includes sending out informative mailings, utilizing the power of social media, running advertisements, and securing local media coverage.

The state, in its commitment to justice, retains custody of the unclaimed property indefinitely, waiting patiently for the rightful owner or their heirs to step forward and rightfully claim what is rightfully theirs. Don’t forget to claim your money, because it already belongs to you by having filed your tax returns and paid them on time, like a good citizen and taxpayer. You can search for an unclaimed property in the official Louisiana Unclaimed Property website, here. You’ll have to provide your name or business name, city, and zip code, and the website will show you the results.