Women of today

Hello to all the Women of Today . You may not know it, but we are almost half the world's population; yes, 49.6% of all beings that populate the earth are women. Elderly women who have participated in creating the history of the human being, women who grow with the world, newly born women willing to achieve a better future. Skillful, imaginative, hard-working, responsible, active, curious women… and above all intelligent. Women of Today who demand all kinds of information related to our world. At La Mansión de las Ideas we have put ourselves to work so that we are all the best informed about the issues that interest us all, the Women of Today. If you think we should deal with a specific topic or have an idea that we can report on in Mujeres de Hoy, don't hesitate to tell us.   If you want to see other types of articles, here we talk about easy decoration and Aesthetics and beauty.

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